Road to FKS Olympic 2019!

Road to FKS Olympic 2019!

Continuing the success of last year’s event, FKS Group is escalating the hype of its annual sport & family gathering event, FKS Olympic 2019. The main purpose of having this event is to increase and strengthen the bond between FKS family, from the top management and Head Office team in Jakarta to all Cilegon site’s employees.

This year, having a lot more participation from each Business Units on each activities, a pre-event such as qualification games for all four categories in sport competition which includes Badminton & Table Tennis and Basketball & Futsal (mini soccer) is held, both in FKS Sport Center, Jakarta and in Krakatau Sport Club, Cilegon.

The qualification games is up to secure the two spots in the finals representing their respective Business Unit which then not only to win the match but also to have a chance battling with the top management team as part of the exhibition games to increase/strengthen??? The togetherness.

Not only sports, there will be more fun activities and door-prizes to enjoy.

Wishing every team the best of luck and hope everyone is having fun!