FKS Pangan Nusantara

At a Glance 

Formed in mid-2016, FKS Pangan Nusantara (FKS Food) was established to bringing a better service in providing high quality products with an affordable price in Indonesia’s food retail industry, specifically in basic food products such as rice, cooking oil, maizena, tapioca flour, icing sugar.

Throughout the year, it has grown & expanded its business to packing & distribution, while in the same time maintaining its consistency in servicing the need of food retail products throughout the nation. As part of the Group’s commitment to increase the food safety standard and to ensure the constant availability of basic food products, now FKS Pangan Nusantara has established its

presence in 12 cities around Java. 

In 2020, FKS Pangan Nusantara set its foot mark in digital market through FKS Mart offering a more convenient and safer shopping experience and easy access to all our products directly anywhere and anytime.

FKS Food is committed to always produce quality products with food safety quality standards.

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